Request for Traffic Calming on Matadero Avenue

To: Carl Stoffel
Traffic Engineer
City of Palo Alto
Date: 2001 January 07
From: Douglas Moran
790 Matadero Avenue
(650) 856-3302
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Street section

Matadero Avenue between Laguna Avenue and the bridge (between Chimalus and Josina).

Petition signed by 25 percent of the households

Attached is a petition signed by 30 (65%) of the 46 households on this section of Matadero.

Five of the residences are currently unoccupied:

There were 5 (11%) households that declined to sign (two did not perceive speeding to be a serious enough problem to warrant any special treatment, one was a renter in the process of moving out of the neighborhood, and two did not state their reasons).

For the remaining residences (6), I did not manage to catch the residents when they were home.

Qualifying critera


Note: Matadero is scheduled for a long-overdue resurfacing in 2002, and the estimated increase in speeds (5-10 mph) should be factored into the assessment, allowing the process to get started before the problem fully manifests itself.

At least two of the following five criteria:

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