Traffic Issues, Barron Park Elementary School, Analysis by Traffic Committee Chair, Barron Park (Neighborhood) Association

Drafted September 1999 as talking points for meetings with City and School District staff.

Author: Doug Moran


BPES: Barron Park Elementary School
JBES: Juana Briones Elementary School
Within BP: predictions difficult at this time, significantly affected by who goes to BPES and who goes to JBES. Known issue: students living along Matadero Avenue (address later)

Ventura students coming to BPES: predictable problems in the section between El Camino and La Donna.

Compass Directions

The Barron Park street grid is not quite aligned to compass. Will use the following to simplify descriptions:


Attempt by adult to use his experience to predict problems that children would have on these streets:

Traffic Lights on El Camino

Routes from El Camino: Evaluation

General Situation on Barron Park Streets

Common situations along the Barron Park streets under consideration here. Trying to detail where each of these problems occur would make this document much too long. Only exceptional instances of these problems will be noted.

Barron Avenue

Kendall Avenue

Matadero Avenue

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