Bol Park Revegetation Project: Description of Native Plants

Description of what has been planted and what is being considered or sought as part of the Bol Park Revegetation Project.
Evolving Page: Goals
This page does not yet reflect our numerous acquisitions since late spring 1997.
We hope to go to a more formal database for the information listed here because there are many partial, often conflicting, sources of information and a textual listing makes it too easy to lose track.


Introductory Notes




Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, Rhizomes, ...

Annuals / Wildflowers

Advice: When a plant is labelled as larval food, it means that the larval form of the butterfly eats parts of the plant. Use these plants in larger groups: (1) the damage is spread over more plants, (2) with many plants overlapping, the damage is less visible, and (3) more food for more larvae produces more butterflies.


future additions: trying to get good info

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