Candidate names for Cul-de-Sac at 797-801 Matadero


Was tentatively called Emma Court by original developer. The Palo Alto Historical Association proposed calling it Packard Court after the Packard Family because they had lived nearby (723 Matadero), but City Council rejected this nomination because the cul-de-sac was too insignificant to honor the Packards.


Bssic: Need to avoid confusion, especially for emergency response



  1. Judicial courts, and related
    Many of these fail the constraint that they would appear as false positives in a web search for the location of the actual judicial court
    1. Moot Court : Moran's favorite because of
      • its small size
      • the City Council's decision that it was too small to honor previous suggestion (The Packard family who had lived just down the street)
    2. Honor Court
    3. Municipal Court
    4. Family Court (??Packard Family Court??)
    5. Juvenile Court
    6. Traffic Court
    7. Night Court
    8. Claims Court
    9. Bankruptcy Court
    10. Probate Court
    11. Civil/Criminal Court
    12. Chancery Court
    13. Maritime Court
    14. Military Court (conflicts with existing "Military Way")
    15. Magistrates' Court
    16. Superior Court
    17. District Court
    18. Circuit Court
    19. Appeals/Appellate Court
    20. Supreme Court
    21. Inferior Court
    22. High/Lower Court
    23. Kangaroo Court
    24. Royal/Crown Court
  2. Phrases related to judicial courts
    1. Outa Court
    2. Cuin Court (See You In Court)
      (also an abbreviation for Cubic Inch; House numbers are 35xx, and in case you are wondering, 3500 cubic inches is just over 2 cubic feet)
    3. Doin/Dewin/Duein Court (Due In Court)
    4. Holding/Holden Court
    5. Goto Court
    6. Appearn/Appearin Court
    7. Susan/SueAnn Court (conflicts with "Suzanne Drive & Court")
    8. Closed Court
    9. Open Court
  3. Sports related
    Many of these fail the constraint that they would appear as false positives in a web search for the location of that type of athletic facility
    1. Badminton/Basketball/Squash/Tennis/Volleyball Court
    2. Service Court
    3. Back/Front Court
    4. Full/Half Court
    5. Side Court
    6. Near/Far Court
    7. Short Court
    8. Grass/Clay/Hard Court
  4. Other Places
    1. Food Court
    2. Motor Court (motel)
    3. Agin Court (Agincourt, famous battle; "St. Crispin's Day" speech with "Band of Brothers" in Shakespeare's "Henry V". The battlefield was narrow and short, as is this court)
  5. Person: The City Council already rejected naming the court for the Packard family because it was too insignificant a site. The problem is to find someone significant enough to warrant having a street named after them, but not so significant as to have this association seen as an insult.
    1. Margaret (Smith) Court (Australian Tennis Champion - no local connection)
    2. Benedict Court: The Benedict family owned the property from 1929-ish to 2001, both as a residence and as the base for a Tree Care business until the early 1970s. To my knowledge, they were ordinary residents and didn't have the outstanding contribution to the community that would rise to the level of having a street named for them.
    3. Local official who failed to complete their first term (since the court is so short)
  6. Barron Park Donkeys
    1. Mickey Court: name of the last of the Bol's donkeys, and the one most remembered by local and former residents.
    2. Jenny Court: Jenny was the first of the Bol donkeys and the mother of the rest (Jenny is the generic name for a female donkey).
      Note: This is one of the recommended names
  7. For the long row of redwood trees that stood where the pavement currently is. They were cut the day before they were to become protected trees.
    1. Redwood Court (probable conflicts)
    2. Tree Massacre Court (residents wouldn't be happy about this)