Street Trees in Barron Park


Street trees are the trees that grow on the right-of-way between our property lines and the streets. Technically, the city has the right to landscape this land as it wishes---city policy is to encourage the planting of street trees but not to force residents to host unwanted trees.

The Beautification Committee works with the non-profit organization Canopy: Trees for Palo Alto to encourage the planting of street trees in Barron Park. Canopy recruits local volunteers to plant and maintain street trees. The city supplies the trees and offers some help with soil preparation.

The Program

Individuals can request a street tree from the city at any time, and the city occasionally plants a lot or a block at a time, but in general, street trees in Barron Park have been dying faster than they're being replaced.

We are focusing this year on the eastern half the neighborhood (La Para to Arastradero, more or less). We will support requests for trees throughout the neighborhood; we will solicit tree hosts only in the east.

We plant street trees in the fall and winter, when their chances for survival are greatest.

Responsibilities of the Resident

If you request a tree through the Canopy program, you (or a committed neighbor) must agree to take care of the tree until it is established, which means

In many locations, the City arborists will specify which species is appropriate, although Barron Park residents sometimes have more latitude on species selection than people in other parts of town. Members of the BPA Natural Habitat Committee encourage the planting of valley oaks, a local native that's disappearing because seedlings do not compete well against acacias and other imported species. The valley oak is a good choice, though, only in locations that will not receive summer water. More information on the conditions appropriate for various native plants appears in Bol Park Revegetation Project's Native Plant Descriptions

Historical Perspective

City Arborists

The City of Palo Alto has two arborists, with different focuses, inspired by the departments they work for: David Sandage is the Canopy contact.

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