Committees and Activities, Barron Park (Neighborhood) Association


Immediate Independent Issues

Advice on BPA Activities and Advice for BP Residents

Various useful documents - online filing cabinet

Board of Director Actions


Note: some committees/activities listed in this index have a separate page, others are a section further down on this page.

Other Activities and Areas of Interest

Other Resources

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Community-Business Relations

Listing of Local Businesses (in or neighboring Barron Park)


Committee Chair: vacant

Graffiti Hotline

To report locations which have been defaced,
call the City of Palo Alto's Graffiti Hotline at (650) 496-5904
send e-mail to Bob Moss


Neighborhood Safety and Preparedness

Created through the merger of the Community Safety Committee, the Neighborhood Watch Committee, and Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Schools Liaison

Issues/Activities: Schools serving the Barron Park neighborhood Preschools with known websites


Other resources:

ToxSafe (Toxic Safety) and Environmental Protection


Other descriptions/overviews of the Barron Park neighborhood:

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