The THESE ARCHIVED web editions of the BPA Newsletters usually appear one or two months after the paper editions are mailed. The SPRING edition is mailed to all Barron Park residents, including all BPA members. The other three quarterly editions are mailed only to BPA members.

BPA MEMBERS can now see the latest BPA Newsletter online before and/or instead of the paper mailed edition. See our NEW BPA Website:

Below are two online versions of the Newsletter.
  1. An HTML version (older newsletters)
  2. PDF: A PDF version in the original layout that includes the full-color originals of the black-and-white photographs that appeared in the paper Newsletter.
    Warning: Because the PDFs are full color versions, the files can be very large.

Note: The online editions may differ slightly from the published hardcopy version:
  • The paper (hardcopy) edition often includes photos. These are typically not included in the earlier HTML online versions.
  • URLs may (or may not) have been updated if the referenced web page subsequently moved.
  • E-mail addresses are modified to make them more difficult to be collected by the automated tools used by SPAMmers.
  • The conversion process may introduce small errors that slip by our proofreading.

    2013 is the last year archived BPA newsletters are available on this site.
    For current and past newsletters please see

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